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People! We are truly snowflakes, each with our own talents, traits, and quirks. The secret to a happy, balanced, and healthy life is to understand how your unique configuration of gifts contributes something to this world that no other person can contribute. We all have a special purpose. What sets my SOUL ON FIRE is to help you find that purpose and to unleash it into the world in a meaningful way. Unleashing Authenticity is about finding the Fierce Determination to TAKE ON and TAKE DOWN the physical, emotional, and psychological roadblocks in your path!

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My life has truly been a journey. Coaching is my third and final profession, the magical career where my talents and passion collide.

I bring 20 years of clinical and corporate experience to coaching from my two previous careers, first as practicing psychologist/career counselor/ adjunct professor of psychology and second as a sales professional/national trainer/manager at a Global Fortune 500 company.

I was very successful AND by the time I was 48, I had been diagnosed with systemic lupus, fibromyalgia, lyme disease, chronic EBV, endometriosis, asthma, narcolepsy, gastritis, gastroparesis, gastritis, rosacea, IBS, Restless Leg Syndrome, Periodic Movement Disorder, Autoimmune thyroiditis, Stage 3 Breast Cancer and more.

By 2014 I was disabled, lupus was attacking my heart and lungs and DNA and I was facing a lifetime of chemo and steroids to stop its relentless progress. Not to mention the endless lists of medications I was taking and the multiple surgeries and hospitalizations I had endured. What I discovered the hard way is that if you don’t take care of your mind and body and soul, your body will shut you down for maintenance. And by 2014, my body was trying to shut me down permanently.

Well, I accepted the call to pivot my life and dedicate it to healing, and I am happy to say that I am now free of autoimmune disease and cancer and living my purpose. I don’t even have autoimmune antibodies, which is truly a miracle. I’m proud to be featured as a success story in the newest edition of The Wahls Protocol® as well as in  an upcoming book about Functional Medicine.

My passion and purpose is to now help others achieve holistic wellness so that they are free to pursue their passion and their purpose - because the world craves each of our unique contributions.

 I believe bodies can and do heal given the right tools.

The foundations of healing are not to be found in expensive gadgets, gizmos, pills or practices, but are found in resources that are largely free and readily available to everyone.  

If you are interested in all things realated to Authenticity and Wellbeing, you have come to the right place...

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Meet Some of my Clients

Working with Shannon as a coach has been life-changing for me. I finally am learning how to tap into my strengths, which is building more confidence and success in my life and business. Shannon is compassionate, intuitive and uplifting--plus she's a lot of fun to work with!

Realtor, Helping Buyers and Sellers Move to The Next Chapter Of Their Lives

Shannon's application of the StrengthFinder's program not only helped me uncover my strengths but it also became the source and foundation where I built up my confidence. I started working with Shannon because I was at a crossroad in my career, and despite the fact that I was a bit skeptical at first, our work together has had a tremendous impact on all aspects of my life. I was particularly impressed with Shannon's ability to listen deeply, her ability to help me make connections and above all else how much she truly cares about her clients. The fact that we had to conduct our sessions over Skype (we don't live in the same city), did not affect the quality of our conversations -- Shannon's enthusiasm and energy positively radiated through the screen. I would highly recommend Shannon if you are looking to make an investment in yourself.

Consulting Strategy and Operations Manager

I highly recommend Shannon as a coach, not only because she is thoroughly educated, but because she is compassionate about her clients' wellbeing, using her talents to bring out the best out of people. I landed my dream job and I am getting my confidence back thanks to her. She guided me through her coaching to utilize my tools and talents to attain my goals in my career, relationships and life. I urge anyone going through changes to contact Shannon Pickering, as her professionalism, experience and calming sessions unearthed a lot of knowledge I would not have discovered without her help.

Eyewear sales specialist

After participating in coaching with Shannon I have seen some amazing changes and gained a better understanding of myself and my interactions with others. Shannon's coaching has helped me find ways to be more effective at all of these things. 

I have become more aware of where my creativity comes from and how to channel it, more capable of dealing with clients on commissioned jobs and more capable of delivering what the client wants. In my sales position I am able to read my clients better so I am ultimately able to provide them with a better solution for their needs, making them feel more secure about their purchase and ultimately increasing my sales by over 20% over previous years. As an educator I can read my students better, answer questions before they ask them and increase their confidence. My personal relationships have also grown in ways I didn't know were possible. I am closer to my loved ones and am able to connect with them on another level than before.

I am also a recovering alcoholic, and the work Shannon and I have done in regards to my sobriety has been invaluable. She has helped me to realize that I am not a bad person, and that what I thought were weaknesses (and gave me excuses to drink), were actually strengths, that when used the right way, could be used to make myself a better artist, salesman, educator and overall person.

I am incredibly grateful for the work we have done, and the changes Shannon has helped me make have been incredible! 

Artist, salesman, educator

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1:1 Personal Health Coaching focusing on the Foundations of Health such as eating, movement, sleeping, stress management, and biohacking. Based in Positive Psychology and Strengths. Access your inner intuition to custom create the health and wellbeing plan that works for you.


Positive Psychology Strengths Coaching. Discover how to be YOU. Learn self-awareness and self-regulation as well as independent communication skills to increase your fulfillment, decrease your frustration, and fulfill your purpose. Finally design the life YOU want to live.


Perfect for Couples, Business Partners and Families. Learn about your communication style, what you need from others, how to ask for your needs to be met, how to meet the needs of others, how to engage in productive and fulfilling relationship without miscommunication and frustration.


Learn to contribute your highest gifts at work. Positive Psychology Strengths Coaching is the most effective tool to fuel work performance and fulfillment. Ask about my corporate rates for workshops and coaching calls to develop strengths-based performance employees and teams.

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