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  • Shannon Lea, AutoimmuneFoodie

Pumpkin Pie Fat Bomb

Pumpkin Spice Fat Bombs! My eyes crossed in my head and the boyfriend laughed out loud with happiness when we sampled these. So yum! Taste exactly like Pumpkin Pie. In fact, go ahead and make these in a pie pan for a fabulous no-bake easy-peasy pie.

#dairyfree #sugarfree #glutenfree #fatbomb #bulletproof #wahlsprotocol Pumpkin Spice Fat Bombs! Part 1: CRUST 💣 1 Package Toasted coconut flakes From @letsdoorganic . 💣4 TB erythritol From @wholesomesweet . 💣3 TB MCT oil like XCT oil from @bulletproof . 👩🏻‍🍳Place ingredients into a high speed blender. I use a @blendtec Twister Jar - perfect for nut butters and coconut crusts. Blend until looks like liquid - as fine as possible. 👩🏻‍🍳Line a cupcake tin with unbleached parchment paper cupcake liners like @ifyoucare_usa . 👩🏻‍🍳Pour liquid into bottom of lined cupcake tin. Makes about 12 crusts. 👩🏻‍🍳Refrigerate for at least 1 hour - or until cold and hard. 👩🏻‍🍳After the crusts are cold, proceed: Part 2: FILLING 💣1 can coconut milk. I used Native Forest Classic for an extra creamy filling. 💣3 TB erythritol From @wholesomesweet 💣1.5 scoops @bulletproof CollaGelatin. Be sure to use Collagen Gelatin and NOT regular collagen powder! 💣2 TB XCT oil from @bulletproof . 💣1/4 tsp Madagascar vanilla bean powder From @bulletproof or From Wild Vanilla. 💣 1 heaping tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice From @frontiercoop . 💣 1 can Organic Pumpkin, like Farmers Markets Foods. 👩🏻‍🍳Add filling ingredients to a pot. Whisk vigorously. Turn heat on simmer and stir frequently as it heats - just until bubbles start to form. 👩🏻‍🍳Add liquid to blender. Blend gently and briefly. 👩🏻‍🍳Pour into cold crusts. 👩🏻‍🍳Refrigerate another 3 hours MINIMUM. 👩🏻‍🍳Peel & Eat! 💡You can use stevia or honey if you follow Wahls or stevia or xylitol if you follow Bulletproof. 💡These are great with no crust. Or sub your favorite nuts for toasted coconut. ⁉️Let me know what you think of these?? I think they taste just like pumpkin pie! 🔝Be sure to follow me @autoimmunefoodie on Instagram and Facebook for more fat bombs and autoimmune friendly recipes!