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  • Shannon Lea, AutoimmuneFoodie

Pumpkin Spice Latte #DairyFree

PSL #dairyfree.

So I’ve been making bulletproof pumpkin Spice Latte (coffee, grass fed butter, MCT oil, pumpkin purée, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice) for the boyfriend, but I can’t tolerate dairy.

So here is a delicious #dairyfree version:

🎃2 cups @bulletproof brand coffee or Decaf

🎃1 cup coconut milk like Native Forest Simple

🎃1/4 Tsp. Madagascar vanilla powder

🎃Pumpkin Spice. I like @frontiercoop

🎃1TB @bulletproof XCT oil or Brain Octane Oil

🎃 2-4 TB organic pumpkin purée

👩🏻‍🍳Brew coffee in a French press. Warm coconut milk. Place coffee, coconut milk, vanilla, oil, pumpkin purée, and a couple sprinkles of pumpkin pie spice in a blender. Blend until foamy.

💡Add sweetener if desired (honey/maple syrup/stevia for Wahls Protocol) or (xylitol/stevia/erythritol for Bulletproof).

I personally think it’s delicious without sweetener.